Youth Offense

Most juveniles don’t know what to expect after an arrest, which can cause anxiety to the minor and the parents. It is critical to find an experienced and empathetic attorney to help minors avoid repeating the offense and help the parents understand how the court defines the offense, and will treat their child’s case. The team at McCord Law has proven expertise in juvenile legal matters. Find the right lawyer with whom you’re comfortable and confident to handle your child’s case.

Violent Offenses

A crime of violence involves the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against a person or another individual’s property. Assault and battery on a federal officer, domestic violence, stalking, federal robbery charges, and kidnapping are the most common crimes of violence. 

If you have been accused of a violent offense, find a representative who understands your case, will represent you fairly in court, or will work to minimize your penalties. At McCord Law, we believe that every client deserves the best service and care. Don’t let the prosecutors intimidate you. Choosing the right representative will make a difference.

Traffic Infractions

Paying the fine may be the best course to take in minor traffic violations such as speeding or running a stop. However, more serious traffic infractions like driving under the influence (DUI) and reckless driving are worth contesting if wrongfully accused, especially if you’re a commercial driver or have already acquired several tickets. They also may result in super speeder fines or license suspension. If these things concern you, do not try to go it alone.

The team at McCord Law is experienced and knowledgeable in traffic violations and will devise the best course of action to defend your case. As experts in Georgia law, we can ultimately make your case against a ticket. 

Theft Offenses

Theft offenses are crimes committed when someone takes or carries away another person’s property without permission. It involves acting with the intention of permanently depriving the owner of the property. These offenses can range from simple shoplifting to a felony murder rule if someone dies as result of robbery or armed robbery. They also can be considered crimes of moral turpitude that can be used against you again and again.

Being charged with theft doesn’t automatically make you guilty. Theft convictions require proof that the property did not belong to you, that it was stolen, and that you intended, beyond a reasonable doubt, to steal.

It is in your best interest to build your legal team right away. With your freedom at stake, choose the reputable team at McCord Law to represent you in court. Building your legal team is the most important decision you’ll ever make to develop your defense strategy and protect your rights. With enough evidence, our dependable attorneys will work tirelessly to reduce your charges or have them dismissed.

Sex Offenses

Sex offenses involve the most serious cases in criminal law. These offenses can range from rape, sexual abuse, child porn, child molestation, and other troubling offenses. However, sometimes sex cases can be falsely accused. If you or a loved one has been charged or accused of committing a sex offense, contact a skilled and experienced attorney right away. 

The team at McCord Law presumes innocence with our clients until proven guilty. We understand the stakes and devastating consequences of sex offenses, including a lifetime behind bars or being labeled as a sexually violent predator. We’re dedicated to defending you against the charges and protecting your rights throughout the entire legal process.

Public Intoxication

Being visibly drunk or under the influence of drugs in public is a misdemeanor crime. To avoid disturbance or harm to another person, the police remove people who appear drunk and unable to control themselves in public. Without the presence of witnesses, you could be charged with public intoxication without being intoxicated or drunk. Oftentimes, the police and prosecutors will tack on additional charges to make the charges stick. 

If you’re arrested for public intoxication, contact an experienced lawyer right away. The local prosecutor may try to make you accept a plea to minimize your penalties. However, this will give you a criminal record that will show up on background checks of future employers and landlords. Although generally considered a minor offense, a public intoxication or minor in possession of alcohol conviction can haunt you later in life and may affect your prospect of finding a job. 

Our team here at McCord Law will provide legal assistance to do whatever it takes to protect your reputation. Make sure to have a criminal defense attorney that will guide you throughout the process.

Property Offenses

Damaging or defacing someone’s property may be considered a property crime. This ranges from low-level property crime like misdemeanor criminal trespass to a high-level crime such as arson. Depending on circumstances, property crimes can escalate to felony charges. 

Protect yourself by hiring a criminal defense attorney that specializes in property offenses. Our team at McCord Law will take action as soon as possible to prepare for your case, gather supporting documents, and draft the necessary legal documents to best represent you in court. We can potentially argue your charges down and possibly convince the court to dismiss your case with our expertise in property offenses.

Probation Violations

A criminal offense doesn’t always have to mean jail or prison time. While probation isn’t easy, it is a far better option than being imprisoned. This entails a strict set of rules that you must follow and violations of the rules can mean stricter penalties. A judge could revoke your probation and send you to prison. 

Avoid these dire consequences by having legal representation to present your case, manage evidence, and explain if and why you committed a violation. You can mitigate the damage of your violation and keep your probation active. Learn everything you need to know about probation rules from our reputable team at McCord Law. 

We’ll guide you until the end of your probation and can even help you apply for early termination.

Pre-charge Legal Advice

Your chances of winning a criminal case increase dramatically by consulting with a criminal lawyer at the early stages of the investigation. Don’t wait for an arrest to speak to a lawyer. If you’ve been involved in illegal activity or wrongly accused of a crime, lawyer up immediately.  

The pre-charge phase of an investigation is when the police gather significant incriminating evidence for their case. You need someone on YOUR case.  Without knowing what they’re looking for, you might be providing them with the needed evidence against you. 

At McCord Law, we will provide you with legal advice to help prevent potential arrest, detention, or further damage to your case. Pre-charge legal advice can be the difference between a release, arrest, or detainment. Don’t put yourself at risk by not consulting with your lawyer during an investigation.

Record Restriction

Your criminal record doesn’t have to hold you back. Criminal charges can hinder you from amazing life experiences and can take a toll on your lifestyle. You’ll have a better chance at buying a home, signing a lease, applying to college, or getting a job when you don’t have a criminal record attached to your name. 

Luckily, there may be a solution to your problem.  Georgia no longer recognizes what for so long was called expungement.  Your record, however, may be restricted or sealed. To do so, you need to hire proper legal counsel that can help you clear your record quickly and correctly. The right attorney knows how to assess your eligibility to file the petition, is experienced in navigating the system, and knows who to talk to if the legal process breaks down. 

At McCord Law, we know the inner workings of the criminal justice system and can help you get your life back. Restart your life with a clean slate with McCord Law.