Record Restriction

Your criminal record doesn’t have to hold you back. Criminal charges can hinder you from amazing life experiences and can take a toll on your lifestyle. You’ll have a better chance at buying a home, signing a lease, applying to college, or getting a job when you don’t have a criminal record attached to your name. 

Luckily, there may be a solution to your problem.  Georgia no longer recognizes what for so long was called expungement.  Your record, however, may be restricted or sealed. To do so, you need to hire proper legal counsel that can help you clear your record quickly and correctly. The right attorney knows how to assess your eligibility to file the petition, is experienced in navigating the system, and knows who to talk to if the legal process breaks down. 

At McCord Law, we know the inner workings of the criminal justice system and can help you get your life back. Restart your life with a clean slate with McCord Law.

72 Hours
Sealed Records

Matt McCord managed to have client's felony records sealed within seventy-two hours after walking into Matt's office

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