There is a thin line between a person’s right to freedom of speech and another’s right to protect their good name. The defamation or libel law protects you from false statements that may be harmful to your reputation. False accusations can be devastatingly harmful, whether spoken (slander) or written (libel). If you’re being the subject of unfair criticisms, gossip, and outright false allegations that can destroy your good name, it’s time for you to ask assistance from a defamation lawyer. 

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Our daily lives involve signing contracts from buying a property to using computer software. As such, it’s inevitable to encounter some problems with the contract, which can range from clauses not written clearly to failure to perform legal obligations. 

Avoid these problems by having a good contracts lawyer on your side. A trained and experienced contract attorney will help you draft contracts, drive negotiations between the parties, and revise or add amendments to your already existing contracts. Before signing anything, have your contract lawyer look over the agreement first. Protect your interest with McCord Law.

Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation resolves disputes between two parties where one is a business entity. This can involve engaging in settlement negotiations, filing a lawsuit, or appearing before a judge or jury. To protect your business’s best interests, hire experienced and trained commercial litigators. 

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Business Law

Business litigation continues to evolve, especially with the adaptation to technology and society. As a business owner and entrepreneur, it can be difficult to juggle managing your business and taking care of legal matters. Savvy entrepreneurs know that hiring a licensed attorney is the best way to go. 

Whether you’re starting a business and want to be familiar with the state laws and taxes, protecting intellectual property, or buying a business, you need a competent business lawyer by your side. Find the best attorney for your business at McCord Law.

Breach of Contract

Violation of any binding contract results in a breach of contract. This can range from late payments to failure to deliver a promised asset. Breaking the contract involves consequences when taken to court. If you’ve been accused of breaching a contract or want to pursue someone who did, you need a Breach of Contract Lawyer to move forward with your concern. 

Sometimes these issues are best handled in mediation or binding arbitration. By hiring an experienced local attorney, you’ll have a better chance of settling the dispute. At McCord Law, we are knowledgeable about the legal procedure to resolve contract disputes. We represent both individuals and small businesses.  Fight for what’s rightfully yours. Consult with us today.