Drug Offenses

Drug possession can result in serious jail time and expensive fines. If you have been arrested or charged with possession, been subjected to illegal search and seizure, police abuse of power, or are carrying medical marijuana, make sure to hire an experienced lawyer. 

Consider the competence of your drug possession attorney by their track record of achievement, strong credentials, specialization, and referrals. Also, they need to be qualified attorneys who understand the complexities of the law and court, especially in your locality. Lastly, strong communication with your attorney can make or break your case. A good attorney will properly communicate the details of your case in a clear, concise way, so you can consider your options and decide on an action plan. 

Don’t leave your case to chance. The reputation and experience of McCord Law is unparalleled, so you’ll have the best chance of defeating your charges. Contact us to know your best options.

No Jail Time
Drug Possession

Client charged with drug possession in multiple jurisdictions.

Not Guilty
Possession of Marijuana

The client admitted to being in possession. It was one of those days when jury selection and closing argument really mattered.

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