Brain Injuries

Accidents, negligence, and misconduct can often result in serious and traumatic head injuries. Even if your skull stays intact, the sheer force of accidents can cause bleeding and damages to the tissues of the brain. Traumatic brain injury can affect every aspect of your life. After a traumatic head injury, you can suffer from loss of concentration, focus, memory problems, mental faculties, or control of your emotions. 

While financial compensation cannot bring back everything you’ve lost, it will help you start anew after the accident. Rebuild your life by hiring an experienced attorney who has previously worked with brain injury cases. At McCord Law, our team uses an extensive knowledge of insurance companies, the local court system, and effective communication skills to reach a favorable verdict.

Automobile Collision

Client was hit head on when the other driver crossed the center line. Client was transported by air to the hospital and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

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